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October 10th, 2009


Fanfic and fantasy and puppies...


October 10th, 2009

Thank you! And ficlets...

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I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I especially want to thank [info]aranya4 for the paid LJ time and [info]dean494x for the virtual gift!! You guys rock!

And now the ficlets that were the result of the prompts you guys left me this week, aka my birthday gift to you:)

[info]earthquakedream asked for something porny from Misha's POV (Sex Corps 'verse)

Misha )

[info]dean494x asked for Jensen's first mission (Sex Corps)

Jensen )

[info]lemonbliss also asked for Jensen undercover, though it's probably not what she had in mind...(Sex Corps)

Jensen )

[info]lapillus asked for the carlings first birthday. (SPN, Carpreg Expecting verse)

Sam )

Rose Red asked for what happend to Adrian after Meadows of Heaven (Sex Corps)

Adrian )

[info]putu2sleep asked for a moment during the end of Hank's two year assignment with Ian (Sex Corps)

Hank )

Thank you all for the prompts! They really got me thinking! So far, consider them sorta canon for Sex Corps 'verse, unless I change my mind and retcon myself down the line...:)

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